Nail Polish of the Week #15

Hello Egos,
Já não fazíamos este tipo de post à algum tempo. As minhas unhas tem andado muito quebradiças e por isso dei um tempo ao verniz para elas renovarem e agora estamos de volta com este tipo de post novamente. Esperemos que gostem!

Hello Egos,
It was a time thar we didn't this kind of post . My nails have been very brittle and so I took the time to nail polish for renew them and now we're back with this type of post again. Hope you like!

- Kiko Nail Lacquer 243

Gostaram do post? E do verniz?

Did you like the post? And the nail polish?

Don't forget to find your alter ego...


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2 Responses to “ Nail Polish of the Week #15 ”

  1. My nails have been so brittle lately too. I'm afraid the gel manicure I got a month ago wrecked them :( I love this nail color!

    xo, Liz

    1. Liz, thanks for the comment!
      I think my nails are brittle a lot, because of the nail polish remover or because of my nail file which is very aggressive, I think! I'm trying to figure out what it is :)
      Do you have any suggestions of a good product?
      Kisses :D


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