Look of the Day: The Suit

Hello Egos,
A tendência dos fatos está em alta neste outono/inverno, por isso trouxemos para vocês um look nessa temática. O conjunto é da Zara e é lindo. Perfeito para os dias de outono. Esperemos que gostem :D

Hello Egos,
The trend of suits is high in this fall / winter, so we brought you a look on that theme. The suit is from Zara and it's beautiful. Perfect for autumn days. Hope you like: D

- Conjunto/Suit: Zara
-Camisola/Sweater: Zara
-Meias/Tights: Gipsy
-Bolsa/Bag: Zara
-Botas/Boots: Asos

Gostaram do look?

Did you like the look?

Don't forget to find your alter ego...


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4 Responses to “ Look of the Day: The Suit ”

  1. That's a very cute twist on the classic skirtsuit (I guess you'd call it - haha). Reminds me a little of Cher in Clueless too!

    xo, Liz

    1. Thank you Liz for your funny comment :DDD
      Still follow us!

  2. Respostas
    1. Thank you Jamie for your comment :D
      Still follow us!


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